Validation Papers

Independent Validation Papers
Peer-reviewed Validation papers
Papers using Soma technology

Independent Validation Papers

Coad S, et al., (2015) Validity and reliability of a novel immunoassay for Individual Profiling in Applied Sports Science. Research in Sports Medicine 23(2): 1-11.

Fisher R, et al., (2015) The validity and reliability of a salivary cortisol Point of Care Test. Journal of Athletic Enhancement 4:4-10

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Rahilly D.O. et al., (2023) The Reliability of the Cube Reader LFD to Measure Salivary Cortisol and Salivary Immunoglobulin.  Journal of Athletic Enhancement 12:4

Peer-reviewed Validation papers:

Dunbar J, et al., (2015) Evaluation of a new point of care quantitative reader for salivary analysis in the English Premier League soccer environment. Brit. J Sports Med. Oct 2015.

Dunbar J, et al., (2015) Investigating the use of a Point of Care salivary Amylase Test in the English Premier League soccer environment. 8th World Congress of Science and Football, Denmark.

Dunbar J, et al., (2015) Investigating a dual sIgA and alpha amylase Point of Care test in the sporting environment. Proceedings 12th Symposium Intl Soc Ex Imunol.

Dunbar J, et al., (2013) Investigating the use of a Point of Care salivary IgG test in the sporting environment.  Proceedings 11th Symposium Intl Soc Ex Imunol.

Dunbar J, et al., (2013) Investigating the use of a Point of Care salivary cortisol test in the professional football environment. UKSCA Conference, East Midlands, UK.

Dunbar J, & Jehanli A, (2011) Investigating the use of a point of care sIgA test in English Premier League Soccer players. . Proceedings 10th Symposium Intl Soc Ex Imunol.

Jehanli A, et al., (2011) Development and validation of an oral fluid collection device and its use in the immunoassay of salivary steroids and immunoglobulins in sports persons. Proceedings 10th Symposium Intl Soc Ex Imunol

Papers using Soma technology

McGuire A, et al., (2023) Prevalence of low energy availability and associations with seasonal changes in salivary hormones and IgA in elite male Gaelic footballers. Eur J Nutr 1-2. 

Bin Eid, W. et al., (2022) Alterations in Cortisol Profiles among Mothers of Children with ASD Related to Poor Child Sleep Quality. Healthcare, 10, 666.

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Tiernan C. et al., (2020) Salivary IgA as a predictor of Upper respiratory Tract Infection and relationship to Training Load in elite Rugby Union players. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 34(3): 782-790 DOI: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000003019

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