You need three things: A collector (OFC II which has a Swab & Buffer); a reader; and a LFD specific to the analyte(s) you wish to measure.
It takes about a minute to collect the sample, a minute to mix, then add two drops of sample to an LFD and run for 10 minutes (single test) or 15 minutes for a dual test.  The scan with the reader (4 seconds).
Yes! Once the swab is in the buffer it is good at room temperature for weeks, except for amylase, in which case it is best to keep the sample in the fridge until analysing
Yes! The OFC II is perfect for remote testing. You can send the samples in a jiffy bag or similar.
No! Another beauty of the OFC II is that the buffer negates the effect of any recent food and drink before sampling. It is good to avoid toothbrushing for at least 30 minutes prior to sampling?
We recommend always putting the swab on top of the tongue and pool saliva in the mouth and bring it around the swab.  There are six different salivary glands in your mouth and protein markers such as IgA can be secreted at different rates from each.  Keeping the swab on top of the tongue reduces variability in your measurement.
Yes! Independent validation papers have shown Soma technology to be robust and repeatable and correlates very well with standard laboratory assays.
Yes! You can add two drops to a dual LFD and you will get two readings at the same time for both biomarkers. There is plenty of sample to run about 15 tests, so you can run plenty of LFDs from one sample collection
Yes! Because all of our assays are quantitative, you need a reader to give you the quantitative value(s) once your LFD has been run for the incubation time.
No. The blue dye is from the volume adequacy indicator in the stem of the OFC and is quite harmless to your sample or LFD. The reader will only scan for red colour, so the blue dye is not problematic
Each carton comes with 100 OFC II and 100 LFDs specific to the analyte you wish to test. If you are testing with a Cube reader, there will be an RFID calibration card also.